Digimon Card Game Advanced Deck 14 Beelzemon

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The fearsome Demon Lord, makes his resurgence! Beelzemon!!
This gunslinging, motorbike-riding lone-wolf lives and acts independently, free of the jurisdiction of the other Seven Great Demon Lords. Although its personality is cruel and merciless, it's also exceedingly prideful, and it will never harm the weak. Perhaps this show of pride is merely a front for a more chivalrous and honourable nature...?

Contents of ST-14 Beelzemon Advanced Deck Set:
Starter Deck - 50 main deck cards, 4 DigiEgg cards (12 new card types & 4 reprints)
9 kinds of 10 special "Switch" reprint cards that can strengthen decks other than Purple
2 Memory Gauges

All cards in this super-charged, ultra-powerful deck are silver-foiled. In addition, there is a "lucky deck" that contains special-edition cards! 

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